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Beyond Stethoscopes and Blood Draws

Rogue Community Health, Medford

Work in a High Demand Field

Health care workers are in high demand, and ongoing, fast-paced growth is expected as baby boomers age and medical needs increase. There are more than 400 occupations in health care and a great many don’t require a college degree.

Average Annual Low Wage Healthcare Income
Average Annual High Wage Healthcare Income

Want help getting started or building your career in health care?  Click on the images below to read a success story.   If you want to read more stories, visit the Rogue Careers Success Stories page … or keep scrolling to learn more about health care occupations and local employers.

Need help finding a Job or working on your Career? Click the WSRV button or call 541-734-7533 .  You can Text/Send a message by using the “Have a question” button in the lower right corner.

Do you need help paying for a training or your High School/GED?  WSRV and Project Youth+ might be able to help.  Click the Training button for more information.

Valley Immediate Care Educational Opportunities: for schools and high school learners.  Find out what goes on behind the scenes of an Urgent Care clinic. Learn about work flow, various lab tests, x­ray equipment and how common illnesses and injuries are treated.  Click the Valley Immediate Care Educational Opportunities button.

Interested in the Behavioral Health Field?

Visit the Behavioral Health Careers page.

Explore Health Care Jobs

The following Occupation categories and Wage Ranges are generally dependent on education degree, training, and experience.
Higher levels of education and experience will increase competitiveness in attaining both a job and higher wages.

Learn how occupation-related information is gathered.

What Health Care Careers Offer

Career Stability

Opportunities to learn and get promoted in health care happen often as demand is high and continues to grow to accommodate changes in how people access to care, baby boomer care, and hi-tech advancements.

Jobs at All Levels

From fitness instructors and cafeteria support staff to highly specialized psychiatry experts and everything in between, health care offers opportunities for a wide range of people from all backgrounds.

Personal Impact

On a day-to-day basis, many roles in health care impact people’s lives in truly significant ways.

Diverse Environments

Health care isn’t just about work in doctor’s offices. It’s personal care in people’s homes. It’s one-on-one counseling in clinics or even via text or online. It’s research in high-tech labs. No matter what your preference is, there is a workplace you’ll thrive in health care.

A Day in the Life

Check out our local Health Care employers

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Who’s hiring?

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